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Re: Ratings are in !

I'm a little more pessimistic in that I don't see it as people don't like change, but rather that they can't handle change. We're just too fickle. Idk what may've caused it but the average TV viewer's attention span makes an ADHD patient look catatonic.

I, on the other hand, actually pay attention to a lot more shows these days. I never ever EVER used to be able to remember to watch stuff when it came on certain times of day. That's why I got way more into Trek recently because I went and rented/downlaoded all the episodes and watched them in order. The only Trek show I even REMOTELY watched in any kind of oragnized way on TV was TNG and that was in Syndication.

Today, however, I regularly remember to watch Eureka, Heroes, BSG, and SG1/SGA when they're on. I have even been tuning in to Dead Like Me a few times.

I'm surprised the ratings are so low and if nothing else, this proves to me how little Nielsen Ratings actually mean about how good a show is or how popular it is. Has anyone around here actually stopped watching BSG because of the New Caprica thing? I mean was anybody turned off by LDYB I/II so much that you stopped watching?

From the show of ratings as the show went on, though, it looks like it didn't just drop off in this premier, but rather that the premier was just another steady decline of .1 points from LDYB. It looks like they began to lose people's attention right after the original miniseries premier.

So really, even though I just went on this schpiel about people's low attention spans, it actually seems that it wasn't the New Caprica change that lost viewers, but something in the immediate season 1/2 that kept steadily losing them, because it's just been one long steady downward spiral.

That is, of course, if Nielsen ratings even mean anything realistically. I have honestly no clue wtf they're supposed to mean, they're porbably just some crap somebody's making up as they go along and getting paid to cite higher ratings

Btw, there are now Sci-Fi commercials on ABC/NBC during the airing of Heroes. I don't know if they've been doing that before now because I never used to watch ABC/NBC, but that seems new to me. Might get more attention to BSG.
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