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Re: Ratings are in !

Every time a show changes, they lose viewers. DS9, VOY, and ENT all had their highest viewing rates at the beginning of their runs. ENT tried to shake things up a few times - at the beginning of seasons 3 and 4 - and paid for that with an early cancellation.

Stargate Atlantis started out much less popular then SG-1 - even if their viewing numbers were about the same, SG-1 nearly always won the "which show do you like better" polls - both here and at Gateworld. It's taken years for people (including me) to admit that Atlantis is actually pretty good.

Overall, people just don't like change. The public outcry when Ploto was de-planetized is another indictation of that.

Like it or not, BSG has changed a lot over the break. It was never a happy-go-lucky show, but it was clear from the finale of season 2 and opening of season 3 that it was going to be a very different show - less sex and more commentary on the Iraq war (or whatever you want to call it).
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