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You know, although doing a poll on the matter is a good idea, your wording of your original post comes across as pretty passive aggressive and petty.
Yeah, sorry about that. It was late and I get very irritable when I get tired. I really need to learn not to post after about 9:00PM. Pretty much every time I do end up sticking my foot in my mouth.

I probably should have put a few more options in there, but I couldn't think of any others when I put the poll together.
I think it's also worth pointing out that if the mods do officially implement a 6-months rule, it won't mean you can't code spoilers for books older than 6-months, it just means you have to code spoilers for books new than 6-months (outside of the spoiler thread). At least I doubt very much that mods will punish someone if they code a spoiler for a year old book.
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