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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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Very true. Except that Starfleet's operations, ships, mission roles and even its rank structure (the suspicious absence of enlisted crewmen on the Enterprise-D) are a better fit for an armed version of NOAA.
Sorry to jump in like this, but I just started reviewing this thread and thought I should comment.

In TNG's "Family", there is a brief exchange in the Transporter Room between Chief O'Brien and Sergey Rozhenko (Worf's step-father), indicating they are both Chief Petty Officers, definitely a non-commissioned rank.

Later, in "The Drumhead", Admiral Satie's inquisition focuses on Simon Tarses, described clearly as a Crewman, Second Class, which is again an obvious enlisted/NCO rank. In fact, in Tarses' eventual private conversation with Captain Picard, Tarses made it clear that he chose to enlist over Starfleet Academy so that he could get into space immediately rather than wait.
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