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Re: Re-writing the climax of STiD

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... they sold me a man that was centuries out of his time, viewed as being primitive and savage (why Marcus needed him, cause he thought different from the current people in Starfleet), ...
Focusing on this bit, just for a moment: Marcus... thought Khan was different from the current people in Starfleet. Could that have been intentionally mirroring what Pike said in the 2009 movie's bar talk: that he thought Kirk possessed something which Starfleet had lost?

I got that vibe a little two. Kirk and Khan were both geniuses, exceptional people in an era of mediocrity, that needed a dose of humility.

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Ocri asked if we could do it better.
It'd be an interesting exercise but some important factors are missing:

* We need to know the budget.
* What the studio mandate/expectations are.
* Director mandate/expectations.
* Market we're aiming for.
* Off limits characters and story points
* Mandated characters and story points.
* Deadline

For it work, we need the same restrictions in play as he had to deal with.

Then it'd be fun (and I mean that seriously, I'd find it fun) to rewrite STID and see if we could come up with something as good or better.
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