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Re: VOY Caption Contest 112: Restraints, Cows, Kimsanity!

Janeway: ``All right, nobody panic, stay calm. What's-his-name here is just over-tired, that's all, and he'll go to bed when he's ready.''
Chakotay: ``I have a name!''
Janeway: ``Of course you do, dear little ... I want to say 'Chipotle'? Something? Whatever.''

``Don't try to stop me! I'm escaping this show and ... I'm going into the movies!''
``What, like Wagons East?''
``Stop me!''

``Someone remind me again why we're eating the models for an Arne Quinze art installation?''

``Hey, Harry! Find that a moo-ving experience yet!''
``Grow up you guys!''

[ Alternate ]

And Harry Kim totally believed it when they told him this was the Ambassador from Bovaria IX and that was the ceremonial greeting.

``Seven says she's gonna be fine! Lay off!''
``I just ... was a holo-cow somehow?''
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