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Re: Ratings are in !

JCBos said:
Before you start feeling too secure you better look into SG-1's cancellation. It was getting roughly the same ratings I believe.
Slightly lower, but when comparing them, one has to bear in mind that SG-1 has been on for ten years and isn't produced by NBC/Universal. If ratings were the be-all-and-end-all of cancellation, then Atlantis would have been cancelled right along with it.

Exactly. Not only have they been on for 10+ years (Which is almost unheard of amongst genre shows save maybe two or three exceptions I can think of off hand), SG-1 was no longer getting the critical acclaim that BSG has been getting. Personally, I stopped watching years ago after it became apparent to me that SG-1 could no longer shake off the Voyager-esque decay in it's quality of writing. I swore, if I was treated to one more inane plot involving naquada or petty villians who want to be gods...
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