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Re: Ratings are in !

Can I borrow your crystal ball sometime?

Plum said:
Remeber how people ignored Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
Ok, *chuckle*, I should qualify that remark. Buffy isn't a gritty drama, obviously! What I ment was that it's title keep people from discovering it. But, lucky around the end of season three, [the girls discovered the show and loved it.

Hoshi's sis said:
<SNIP!>. Gritty drama, IMO is Deep Space Nine, BSG just doesn't measure it anywhere near that.

*cough*, sorry but I should be honest and say DS9 is not gritty drama. It's a melo-drama, an adventure show with iconic characters. It's just not the same animal.

nuBSG is in the same class as other more realitic dramas on TV today (and kickin' ass too, not a weak contender here), The Sorpranos, The Shield, Rescue Me, and such. DS9 doesn't attempt realitic drama like this, it's just not it's style. DS9 is more related to your average TV melo-drama, like, oh, JAG, it's just that it has big themes and sci-fi cool goin' on. It's a great show sometimes. Not a fan of "Pale Moonlight" though, thought it was ignorant of Sisko and he's a murderer (accessory) who should be in jail. The dumb fraker nearly destroyed any hope of Romulan help. Sorry, had to say that too.
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