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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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I don't think so, because it removes any options they have for telling stories in solo films, and because it doesn't fit in with what MoS established. Batman being tired, weary, and seasoned doesn't contradict MoS in and of itself, but he has to have gained whatever experience he has without word of his existence leaking, and if he's already fought most of his rogues gallery - especially the high-profile criminals like Joker, Riddler, etc - the more the likelihood of knowledge or rumors of his existence leaking increases.
At what point does Man of Steel do anything to deny Batman's existence, or that anyone would have knowledge of his existence? He just didn't come up.
Exactly. When Jonathan Kent is talking about how Clark's very existence will change the way humanity sees the universe, I doubt he was talking about the possibility of caped crime-fighters!

MAN OF STEEL was basically a sci-fi movie about First Contact and an alien invasion. Not sure why anyone would bring up a notorious masked vigilante when dealing with buried spaceships and superhuman invaders. That would be like mentioning the Green Hornet during the War of the Worlds!
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