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I would bet that many, many people who were interested in watching the movie were put off by all this negativity from the "entitled" fans. In essence all their ranting negated good word of mouth, which is what pulled the 2009 movie up so much.
But how do members of the general public become aware of negative fan rants on a Trek BBS? Only when the media do a shock expose article about it.

Avid fans of Trek - like me - wouldn't allow bad-mouthing of a Trek movie put them off. (Otherwise I'd have never gone to see ST V.) But yes, negative ranting can do damage to the franchise as a whole. One the one hand fans will process Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, while simultaneously perceiving that the public has a negative stereotypical image of Trekkies, yet in the next breath they are engaging in a ridiculous rant (which, to me, never ends up holding any water) simply because Trek took an unexpected turn in its storytelling, at odds with "what they should have done".

Is it time to laugh at "The Onion" video again?,14333/
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