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Re: Ratings are in !

Stormrage said:
LOL. I always thought that BSG went downhill after the Valley of Darkness. I guess people shared my opinon an episode to early. Since i thought VoD was good.

You hear that Ron? Your show is sinking. A lot faster then SG-1. I just wonder how long the show can sink. Since Sci Fi (or Universal) gets the DVD and syndication sales from it. Which means they earn more money then they would from a succesful SG-1.

I would probably guess that it would get cancelled if it got an average of 1.6.

By the way how much does it cost? I remember reading last year that each episode costs $750k to make. Compared to SG-1s $1.4 M thats cheap.

Looking at the episde run time of 44 mins that would leave them with 16 minutes of adverts. They could easily make up the cost of making and airing the show and some profit.
I know that Stargate SG1 costs over 2 million per ep. and I'm certain that Battlestar Galactica's budget is about the same.
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