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Re: How Do You Feel About Driving?

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When I drove manual years ago, I had a really hard time stopping/starting on hills without rolling backwards. Hard as I tried, I never learned to comfortably maneuver three pedals with two feet.
Did you try using the handbrake? That's what I do when I'm stopped on a slope. While keeping right foot on brake pedal, depress clutch with left foot and shift into gear. Apply handbrake, release brake pedal, then apply gas while releasing both clutch and handbrake. Just takes a bit of coordination.
Beat me to it. Though I would recommend not releasing the handbrake until you've reached the clutch biting point and you feel the car is ready to go forward, then you can release the handbrake and if you are on the biting point you don't need the brake as the car would remain stationary. Then it's just a case of applying more acceleration and releasing the clutch to move off.

But it's like any other skill you learn to do it, and in Europe you generally learn to drive in a manual so it becomes second nature.
I have no idea whether I used the handbrake -- we're talking about 40 years ago!

Yes, if I'd learned to drive manual first, it probably would've been easier for me. But I learned on my father's car, and he had a weak leg from polio, so he had to have an automatic, even when they were less common.
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