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Re: Ratings are in !

flamingliberal said:
^It's not worth arguing about. Just to reiterate the parts of my post you didn't quote, ratings have a more complex relationship to the shows and the all-mighty advertizing dollar that people seem to grasp. BSG does well in the demos that sci-fi and their advertizers care about. It always has. Beyond that, the money for DVD sales, downloads etc. goes into the equasion as does the acclaim and attention (read free advertising) that the show brings to the network. Stargate, Farscape etc. never brought those sorts of freebies to the network. They just didn't have the same added value that BSG has. To think that Sci-Fi's decisions regarding BSG are tied to a couple tenths of a ratings point is naive.

As far as I'm concerned we're not arguing but discussing it. I agree there are more factors than just ratings when it comes to deciding which shows get the boot. But ratings is a key one. Further, I don't think BSG provides much more of the extras/freebies that you allude to compared to say Stargate SG-1. Care to expand?

Still, given what happened to SG-1 combined with the fact that BSG is rated only slightly higher, you can't help but wonder.

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