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Re: Imagine the TOS Starfleet

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There are other occasions where McCoy isn't that good with history. Given the choice whether to believe Spock in IS or McCoy in CK, I'd rather listen to Spock.
McCoy would be unlikely to be knowledgeable about Vulcan history, and to be fair Spock seem to get details of Earth history wrong on occasion.

That doesn't really matter, does it? McCoy said Vulcan was conquered. Spock heard him and did not correct him. Ergo, Vulcan was conquered. In a later episode Spock states that Vulcan was never conquered, and no one corrects him. Ergo, Vulcan wasn't conquered. It's a changed premise. Just like Henry Blake's wife's name changing from Mildred to Lorraine. There's no need to come up with any convoluted reasoning for it, it just is. We accept the new premise and move along.
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