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Re: Ratings are in !

You know - with all these explinations, excuces, etc. it made me have a flashback to the Enterprise forum two years back.

"The premire date and time wasn't really well advertised..." - check

"But the Nielsons don't account for TiVO's and DVR/VCRs" - check

"It was going up against [insert sporting event or higher rated TV show name here]." - check

"I had a BUNCH of people over and we all watched it at the same time..." - Check

"It was shown more than once, I'm sure many people knew this and caught a later broadcast of it..." - check

But, in the end, since BSG isn't doing any better or worse than anything else on Sci-Fi (although if viewership for the later episodes drops below 2 million viewers all bets are probably off); so it may still get a season 4; although I have a feeling RDM won't get the proposed Caprica spinoff series approved. But between the average ratings and 'critical acclaim' nuBSG still gets, it's probably safe unless the numbers start to slide even further.

I actually thought the second hour was better than the first (sorry, but nowwe have a second "Half Cylon/Half Human" baby when they STILL haven't done a single thing with the huge buildup on Galactica Boomer's/Helo's half-breed) /yawn. But again, I liked the direction all this was coming to in the second hour; I just hope they don't drag this occupation storyline on for too long since to me, it seems like a reboot of sorts since they were ALREADY fleeing one homeworld (and the Cylons still have a Human population there, as this entire story arc was started by an attempt to extract Kira's then boyfriend from Caprica directly) - so for me, the whole "this time we just want to control and not outright exterminate Hummanity..." Cylon experiment seems redundent. Still I hope we see them move on and get back into space again, looking for Earth which Adama again agrees should have some priority.

But, time will tell.
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