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Re: Just seen the last episode... I'm outrage!

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Anyone know if Braga ever took any responsibility for this travesty?
No, but Berman did admit many years later that while he did have the best of intentions (and I believe him), too many people hated it for it not to have been a mistake.

Now with that said...

I kind of feel like he needs to personally apologise to me and every other enterprise fan who watched that utter waste of time.
No, you're not entitled to an apology. ENTERPRISE was a television show that was free for you to watch, and no one forced you to do so. I hated TATV too, but I don't expect B&B to personally send me a condolence letter, and neither should you.
Well I bought a box set on DVD as I missed it the first time around, so it wasn't free for me to watch at all. I still regard it as money well spent by the way.

That aside I don't actually expect a personal apology, that would be somewhat ridiculous! I do feel an apology to the fans in general would be nice though, without fans there is no trek, we are the ones who have kept them in employment for so long after all.
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