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Re: Re-writing the climax of STiD

Some thing I just thought of:

While Kirk is giving his speech, we could have had a shot of a beautiful, wild, alien planet. The cryo tubes sitting in the field. A seal pops open, and Khan rises out of his tube, around him the other waken too. Khan and his kind are exiled, cut off from the rest of the universe, but no matter: Khan has a world to conquer.

Don't know. Something about refreezing him just seems wrong, to much like sequel bait.

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My biggest change would be to just keep cumberbach as John harrison and make him the one that was awakened by admiral marcus.Everything else in the movie stays the same ecxept for the prime spock cameo and Khan in freeze being the motive for Harrison.Let the new crew figure things out on their own.
Agreed. But do even need to wake him up? Just make him a new breed of augment based of Khan's DNA or the research the created Khan. If you had to have a Khan reference, have Harrison obsessed with Khan, modeling his life on Khan's teaching.
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