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Re: Voyager 1 Enters Interstellar Space

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Again? How many times will this happen?
It's been debated for quite some time now but today they finally had the data and information they needed that, by and large, Voyager has left the solar system and has been for a year. But under larger definitions of what are solar system is comprised of Voyager has... a ways to go. It needs over 40,000 more years of travel to get past our most distant comets. But Voyager is beyond the the heliopause.
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^So, in other words, at least one more time.
I suspected it will get announced again more than once before the next 40,000 years are up.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.

"Well, actually he just passed through the security checkpoint and he's heading for the revolving doors. Does it count as leaving the building once he gets into the revolving doors, or after he goes out of them?

"How about the awning outside? Is he still technically in the building if he hasn't come out from under the awning yet?

"Okay, how far is it to the edge of the property?"
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