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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Yeah, I was disappointed with "Galaxy's Child" it was a little *too* faithful to the original crude CGI work. If I didn't know better I'd say they used the same CGI. I was expecting to be utterly wowed by the look of the CGI "Junior" and its mother. But, instead, it looked exactly the same (by and large.) Which is fine but there are some cases with this project I wish they had just gone ahead and done a TOS-R-like "perfection" of the look of the show (in particular using the 6-foot model or a CGI-recreation for the whole project rather than keeping the various iterations of the ship in so we're maintaining the 3 or 4 different looks of the ship rather than one consistent look the entire series.)

But Junior, yikes. They go all out with making the Crystaline Entity look marvelous and beautiful in "Datalore" and in "Galaxy's Child" Junior looks pretty much exactly the same?! Sigh.

The next big "effect" I can think of in the series is the destruction of the ship in "Cause and Effect" be interesting to see how that's done or if they'll just use the same crude model explosion from the original cut of the episode.

One thing is for damn-sure, though. They better fix the phaser blast coming from the torpedo tube in "Darmok." That one will NOT stand!
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