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You have to remember that we started writing those early DS9 books before the series hit the air. At first, all we had to go on was an early bible and the script of the pilot. If Bloodletter was #3, it's very possible Jeter hadn't even had a chance to watch an episode yet.
Well, that would explain the thing that always bugged me about Bloodletter, which is that it misinterpreted the wormhole aliens' manifestations. In "Emissary," Sisko was immersed in scenes from his own memory with the aliens speaking through people who'd actually been in those scenes in real life. I think Michael Piller's intent was that Sisko's own mind was filtering the alien sensations of the wormhole through his own memories, so that his mind interpreted the Prophets' inquisitive aspect as Jake, their hostile aspect as Locutus, their wise aspect as Opaka, and so forth. But Bloodletter portrayed the wormhole aliens as choosing the forms they took, and appearing in front of Kira in the runabout rather than communicating through a scene from her memory. Basically Jeter treated them like Organians or Q rather than the far more alien thing they actually were. And that disappointed me.
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