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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

I agree, but a couple factors at work there:

-Are we talking about this if Amendola and Gronk are on the field, and we're just counting on them to be the 4th or 5th option? Even having Vereen back would take more pressure off. it looks worse because they all are out at the same time, so it's pretty much just the rookies holding the bag

-Same idea, but they committed to this BEFORE Hernandez got arrested for murder. Having him back there, even with all the injuries being what they are, this looks better.

Just lots of stuff went wrong together, so it's left them a little exposed. Gronk should be back in a week or two, hopefully the same for Amendola, and the pressure should subside a little. Plus, that was Dobson's first game, and Thompkins' second. Give them a couple to let the game slow down and gain some confidence, it may start to turn around. And with some veterans around them, they won't be in the all or nothing mode.

I'm sure Brady would rather have reliable guys, but they weren't really around for the taking. They probably goofed by not offering enough for emmanuel sanders and letting the Steelers get him back, but they thought he was a nice to have, not the emergency they have now. Could have probably gotten Bolden from the ravens, given what he ended up going for, that would have been nice.

We could go down a list, but who was the last veteran they brought in that worked out with Brady? He's not very patient, and once you lose his trust, he never looks your way again. OchoCinco, Joey Porter, Lloyd (although ok success), all the guys this year that never sniffed the roster, we can go back quite a ways. Best success they had was bringing back Branch, and he's basically washed up at this point. At that point, you're just debating whether it's better to be able to get open but drop passes, or able to catch passes but can't get enough seperation to be able to be thrown to in the first place...

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have 3 2007 Randy Mosses on the field, Pats would win 200 to 0 every week, but they haven't had much luck finding them. WR and CB seem to be spots the Pats suck at identifying.

Thompkins and Dobson both had some really good flashes in practice and preseason (worth very little, obviously), let's give them some time and see if that can't grow into something. The skillset appears to be there, they're just playing fast/scared.

Imagine it'll take pressure off of them once the adults come back, so should be ok in the end. And since the AFC East sucks balls, they're very likely going to win the division anyway, so there's no crisis here; there's time to see where it goes. More worried Eddleman gets hurt before the reinforcements come back, and then they're down to Brady just throwing it high in the air and seeing if he can catch it downfield himself
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