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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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But if he stops trying to be such a perfectionist for a few minutes and babies the young receivers along, he may find himself surrounded by a youthful, taller, more talented WR corp than he's had. And he can build them from the ground up himself.

Going to take some work, and ease into the playbook, but would he rather have veterans at the end of their careers instead? He's burned through those even faster the past few years. He's just gotta back off a little and not crush these kids while they get up to speed. the talent is there, they just need the experience. Being a dick won't get them on the same page...
There's nothing wrong with bringing in youth and developing them..... but it's dumb to do a full-blown youth movement in a position as important as WR, especially when you're in win-now mode. You certainly don't go out and replace a vast majority of your corps with rookies. Some older vets may not be the flashiest or most impressive, but they've been around the block and they'll make the catches they need to make and will get the job done. And like I said above, If you were in Brady's position and was running out of years, would you rather have to try and develop a whole bunch rookies and hope they can get up to speed quickly enough to help you win a championship, or would you like at least a couple reliable vets that you can lean on if the young pups ain't getting it done?
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