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Re: Ratings are in !

flamingliberal said:
So sick of this doom and gloom. Did anyone actually read the press release? Here, let me quote it:


Number 1 Cable Series for the Night - SCI FI Friday Reasserts Dominance

New York, NY - October 9, 2006 - Building on the summer ratings heat that brought SCI FI more than 15 million new viewers via its original series Eureka, Who Wants to Be A Superhero? and ECW, the Channel kicked off the fall with the hotly-anticipated season 3 premiere of Battlestar Galactica (October 6, 9-11pm ET/PT). In the face of stiff competition, the two-hour opener was the #1 cable series of the night. And in combination with its lead-ins, Heroes (rebroadcast @ 7pm) and Doctor Who (new episode at 8pm), SCI FI reasserted its dominance on Friday nights, with triple-digit demo increases vs. 4Q05.

The Galactica season 3 premiere delivered a 1.8 HH rating with 2.2 million total viewers (P2+) - out-delivering its season 2.5 average in total viewers (+2%), P25-54 (+7%) and P18-49 (1.4 million, +4%).

SCI FI's 7pm-11pm SCI FI Friday lineup averaged a 1.4 HH rating, 1.7 million total viewers (P2+), 1.2 million P25-54s and 1.0 million P18-49s. Compared to the same time period last year (4Q05), this reflects increases of:

* +93% in P2+
* +75% in HH Ratings
* +120% in P25-54
* +134% in P18-49

Somehow this does not stike me as, "Well shit, let's just cancel the fucker!" sort of talk. Calm down. Sci-fi is a niche channel and is really only worried about ratings in its target demos. BSG is doing great in those, and that's all that matters.

Oh, and this ain't Farscape; it has far more going for it both in revenue generation outside of ad sales and creating channel recognition and legitimacy. It is by far Sci-Fi's most valuable property. The show is doing fine, and it will be on as long as Moore wants it to be on.

Yeah, the press release has a lot of spin in it, but it's not reflective of a gloom-and-doom atmosphere in Bonnie Hammer's office.
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