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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th [spoiler

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Well there's that sentiment, but the fact of it is the first release of a DVD is seldom going to have all the extras if any. It's a common enough marketing ploy to release a Director's Cut of Special Edition a few months later and double dip in a few places.
You're referring to extended editions. And that might be relevant if this were an extended edition, but it's not, or if the only other nuTrek release didn't already do it right and have all the extras in one package!

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I popped into the forum thread about this blu-ray and noticed many positive comments about STID with the odd Trekkie complaint. A lot of people out there really enjoyed this movie !
Keep in mind comments about the movie and comments about the Blu-ray (i.e., movie gets a 'A' and extras get an 'F') are two completely different issues.

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Bad news. The download code from the Target edition of Star Trek: Into Darkness, when redeemed in iTunes, no longer gives you the commentary. All it did for me was just give me a Star Trek (2009)/Star Trek Into Darkness double feature.
I still see posts about people getting the commentary. Has anyone else experienced a bait-and-switch?
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