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Re: No female starship captains in the 2250s-60s?

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T'Girl;8639629[B wrote:
Human society when through a period (however long) where women were simply not placed in positions of authority[/B]
Which would seem odd as we've seen Number One as XO, Nancy Hedford as a Federation Commissioner, Areel Shaw as a prosecutor and even Lester herself as an expedition leader.
There is a supposition among some fans that Number One wasn't human, and Shaw was in a support field.
None of the background info says Number One was an alien and if she was she would still be female. The Talosians sure thought so. Shaw was an attorney who worked a prosecutor, that may be "support" but it's not answering the phone or rolling bandages.

There also the fact that the Enterprise's crew wasn't a fifty-fifty split of men and women, women were for some reason just a third of the crew. So there is something going on there.

But if you believe that the Enterprise's crew included a large number of aliens, some humanoid in appearence and others unseen non-humanoids, then the crew might be one-third male, one-third female, and one-third "other
Why would the crew have to be fifty fifty? Another ship might have a crew where the majority is female. I would hope Starfleet didn't assign crew by taking one from column A and one from column B ( and possibly C) till they had a full compliment.
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