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Re: Imagine the TOS Starfleet

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This Side Of Paradise was produced before Immunity Syndrome. I doubt the idea that McCoy was drunk and couldn't recall history ever crossed the minds of the writers.
The scene is from The Conscience of the King and McCoy is drinking Saurian Brandy. In the episode he doesn't appear drunk but looking at some of the lines he delivered, I might get second thoughts.

MCCOY: Would you care for a drink, Mister Spock? ... Now I know why they were conquered ... Lots of things go on around here that I don't know, Mister Spock. ... Come on, have a drink ... if you won't join me, don't disapprove of me. At least not until you've tried it, huh?

There are other occasions where McCoy isn't that good with history. Given the choice whether to believe Spock in IS or McCoy in CK, I'd rather listen to Spock.

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