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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I'm reading DS9 #3 Bloodletter. I'm about 3/4 through and the story is okay, nothing special, but it suffers from the same problems a lot of the novels written during a first season of Trek. Character's are a bit off. And they keep referring to Bajorans as humans.

"Horen Rygis was as human as she [Kira]"

This happens a couple times and I just shake my head every time I read it. Overall though if I found another Trek book by K.W. Jeter I would read it.
You have to remember that we started writing those early DS9 books before the series hit the air. At first, all we had to go on was an early bible and the script of the pilot. If Bloodletter was #3, it's very possible Jeter hadn't even had a chance to watch an episode yet.

Readers sometimes comment that Kira is too on hard Bashir in the book John Betancourt and I wrote (#9), but that was just us picking up on that scene in the pilot where Kirk and Bashir first meet--and she rips him a new one. Obviously, the characters' relationship ended up evolving in a different direction, but we didn't know that back in 1993.
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