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Re: Imagine the TOS Starfleet

^Never mind that MASH was an 11-year series shoehorned into a 3-year war....

I'd say that continuity with things that actually happened in the series is much more important than continuity with offhand references made in the series.

The "Immunity Syndrome" line blows the alternate theory that I was going to share (that Vulcan had been briefly occupied by an outside force, perhaps the Klingons, and collaboration was an issue). The best way to reconcile McCoy's line with Spock's later assertion is that McCoy was exaggerating. If, per the previous theory, Vulcan had attempted to secede or supported a secession, and the secession attempt was put down, it's possible that Vulcan was never literally occupied or conquered, but figuratively, proud humans like McCoy liked to think that they'd beaten the once-mighty Vulcans.
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