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Re: STAR TREK the enemy of LOST IN SPACE?

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But I beg to differ -- you can achieve the appearance of a pan with a matte or split-screen shot if you first composite a static shot, then rephotograph it while zooming in on a portion of the shot and panning across it. I believe this was done with a number of the matte shots in Forbidden Planet, and was often used in ST:TNG as well, for instance in panning shots that included the bridge viewscreen. The giveaway is that the resolution of the image is lower, the film grain enlarged.
Sure, in a major feature film, but could it have been done convincingly in a 5 or 6 day shoot on a small TV budget in 1965?
Why not? It doesn't require any additional techniques or equipment -- just one more pass through the optical printer. It'd take a bit more time and money, but not prohibitively so.
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