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Re: Just seen the last episode... I'm outrage!

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These Are The Voyages had a nice concept, and could have made for an excellent two parter. But it would have cost money.

The Enterprise-E (the ENTIRE crew, from Picard down to Geordi) discovers the wreckage of the NX-01 enclosed in a comet. They are extremely puzzled, because there is no NX-01 anywhere to be found in the Starfleet databases.

They take the mission and personal logs and reconstruct the final missions on the holodeck. Based on that, they uncover a big conspiracy and battle the threat.

At the end, they return the ship and its crew home, making it public and putting the adventures of the NX-01 in its proper place in history books. Maybe T'Pol was still alive but lived in exile.

Yes! This would have been so much better than the shit in the bag that was the episode!

Was it so hard to do it right???
It would have also explained all the inconsistencies. They simply didn't know about the Enterprise missions in the 24th century.
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