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Re: No female starship captains in the 2250s-60s?

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T'Girl;8639629[B wrote:
Human society when through a period (however long) where women were simply not placed in positions of authority[/B]
Which would seem odd as we've seen Number One as XO, Nancy Hedford as a Federation Commissioner, Areel Shaw as a prosecutor and even Lester herself as an expedition leader.
There is a supposition among some fans that Number One wasn't human, and Shaw was in a support field.

There also the fact that the Enterprise's crew wasn't a fifty-fifty split of men and women, women were for some reason just a third of the crew. So there is something going on there.

But if you believe that the Enterprise's crew included a large number of aliens, some humanoid in appearence and others unseen non-humanoids, then the crew might be one-third male, one-third female, and one-third "other."

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