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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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^I'm not saying they should have kept the Romulans out of it, I'm saying they could have done it differently. Maybe Sisko could have exposed the Dominion's plan of galactic control to the Romulans. If Sisko had to be apart of a cover up, maybe throw Section 31 into it (focusing the blame on them) or have him save the log he wrote during that episode for future judgement. It could be what you said about fans being passionate about it going against what Trek is supposed to be. I was more shocked at his choice than respecting it.
As BillJ said, assuming the Dominion is dumb enough to even document those plans, they're not readily accessible At all and they were losing the war then and now. They even tried and it cost the lives of Garak's associates. And really... I dislike the notion that every time a human does something bad it HAS to be Section 31. The novels especially tend to take this too far. Forbid the whole race isn't perfect and anyone that isn't just has to be part of the Axis of Evil.

Save the log entry? Are you nuts? A log entry can be hacked easy enough. Heck we see Starfleet officers dig through other people's personal logs all the time. If word of that came out later, it would lead to another war and even more people dying. I can understand people not liking the choice, it literally was a case of choosing bad vs worse, but the way you're speaking against it... what do you think he should have done? Would you have respected him more if he didn't act and the Federation lost the war?
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