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Re: STAR TREK the enemy of LOST IN SPACE?

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The camera even pans across the set to reveal the giant, which could never have been done with mattes and split screens, at least not with the time and money they had.
But I beg to differ -- you can achieve the appearance of a pan with a matte or split-screen shot if you first composite a static shot, then rephotograph it while zooming in on a portion of the shot and panning across it. I believe this was done with a number of the matte shots in Forbidden Planet, and was often used in ST:TNG as well, for instance in panning shots that included the bridge viewscreen. The giveaway is that the resolution of the image is lower, the film grain enlarged.
Sure, in a major feature film, but could it have been done convincingly in a 5 or 6 day shoot on a small TV budget in 1965? That's why I included that disclaimer. We're talking about an era when many directors of fantasy shows didn't take the time to even lock down the camera during a cut for a "teleportation" scene, leading to an image shift and ruining the illusion. The split screen on some episodes of Voyage, for example, were painfully obvious; shadows crossing over the seam, or a dark line would run down the middle of the image. Nobody walked in fronto f viewscreens or panned away from them unless the images were rear-projected. The forced perspective was the quickest and most convincing trick I've seen from that time to convey the differences in size. Sure, if you really look, one can see where the background doesn't match, but it's so well done, it's excusable.

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The best Irwin Allen use of forced perspective was THE TIME TUNNEL itself. In reality, the set only had about ten rings, but a forced-perspective attachment at the rear gave the impression that the thing went on forever.

It was great until an actor walked all the way down and the director didn't cut before showing us said actor bending over in order to keep walking. Robert Colbert had to do it in the series pilot. Whoops!

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Lost in Space was good in it's day but NEVER as good as STAR TREK.
I've spoken to some LiS fans recently who would violently disagree with you. Oy, some were really outta control.
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