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Re: No female starship captains in the 2250s-60s?

With this sort of thing, as with stuff like the technology designs of TOS vs. Enterprise or the Abramsverse, we should be careful to distinguish what was a product of the era in which the show was made with what counts as a "real" part of the Trek future. Whatever we see onscreen is not an actual broadcast from an alternate reality; it's a fictional construct representing a conjectural reality, and what we see is filtered and interpreted through the attitudes of the creators and the resources they have available. Roddenberry himself treated TOS as an imperfect approximation of the "real" Trek future, e.g. when he had the Klingons redesigned in TMP and asked fans to assume they'd always looked that way, or when his TMP novelization's prologue pretended that TOS was an inaccurately larger-than-life 23rd-century dramatization of Kirk's true adventures.

So just because '60s gender attitudes snuck into TOS episodes here and there, that doesn't mean we have to believe those attitudes have somehow made a resurgence in the future, any more than we have to believe that rotating-drum chronometers and computers that clatter like teletypes are the state of the art 250 years from now. We can just recognize them as an idiosyncrasy of the interpretation and feel free to reinterpret them.
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