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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x11 "The Hunted"

And if I can just make one more point, don't you think this whole argument just shows how this episode is a poor attempt at bringing awareness to soldiers who have fought in wars but are neglected? When the main issue isn't whether or not soldiers should be treated more fairly, but how we should just mind our own business and let god sort it out, where is the commitment to the message? The reason why the subject of war veterans being neglected is an important one is because they are OUR VETERANS. Speaking as an American who has never fought in a war, I find it astounding that an episode that tries to do something with it and reduces it into an alien civilization where you can simply ignore it thanks to the Prime Directive. If your main characters care more about not involving themselves in the affairs of others, you are short changing the message.

That's another reason why Deep Space Nine's "The Siege of AR-558" and subsequent episode involving Nog's trauma do a much better job in dealing with this sort of situation. Nog is a part of the crew, not some "alien of the week" who we can simply drop off onto their home planet and forget about. When the trauma of what happened to him affects his behavior, it affects everyone around him, even his non-starfleet friends.
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