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Re: why no 'Star Trek vs Aliens' comic series?

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Well I can't speak for anywhere but Kingston, but comics do very well here - at least if I am to believe the dealers that sell here. They have IDW comics - not just Star Trek - as does the guy who comes to town during Sunday Market at Springer Market Square.
Well, I get all Trek IDW comics put into my standing order, so I never miss out, but there are only ever a few copies ordered for the open shelves. (Unlike other series of superhero comics, and even most other IDW titles.)

I'm in Australia, but there seems to be regular complaints on this and other BBSs that the IDW Trek comics are very hard to find in many US comic shops, with stories of people missing out on certain issues because the comic shops were ordering so frugally. During my recent US vacation, in which I visited many, many such stores, rarely had issues of the IDW Trek comic - not even on new comics delivery day - and certainly no racks of recent back issues. (And yet, those stores with back issue racks often had random DC, Marvel/Paramount and WildStorm Trek comics.)

It's my understanding that, with the old newspaper stands, five issues were required on display to sell one, on average, with the unsold (often damaged) copies being returned to the distributor. Specialty comic stores have to buy all their copies outright - ie. no returns - so unless a title has potential for eventually selling as a back issue (possibly higher than the original retail price) - the shops are extremely careful about ordering only what they know they can sell very quickly, with very few for the open shelves.
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