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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x11 "The Hunted"

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It is not Picard's job to solve these people's problems for them.
So why help capture one of their escaped prisoners? That's not Picard's problem, but he did it anyways. Heck, Roga escaping the Enterprise was under Picard's watch, not the Prime Minister's. Saying that they delivered the prisoner back is like saying you delivered a criminal back to jail after it's been raised to the ground.

Also, Up The Long Ladder showed Picard was willing to not only force a solution down not one, but TWO cultures' throats, but in such a way he had to blackmail them into doing it.

Picard: Now, Commander Riker has asked that your laboratories be inspected for stolen tissue samples, and I understand his concern. We may have to transport all your equipment here, to the Enterprise.
Granger: I see. When reason fails, you'll resort to blackmail.
Picard: Fine. Destroy yourselves.
Pulaski: It's not so bad, Captain. In fifty years we'll have a new class M planet, complete with cities, and ready for colonisation.
Picard: You see, the end is closer than you like to think.

Again, this culture doesn't want to go this route, but Picard is using methods to force them into accepting it.

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Stories are stories and the "Trial of James T. Kirk" storyline along with "The Return of the Serpent" (DC Comics 1st run issues #43-45) seem applicable here. As we've learned here on Earth, not every situation is made better by imposing outsider values on a culture. Sometimes, they simply have to find their own way. Even if that road is paved with blood.
For crying out loud. GIVING THE PRIME MINISTER A CHOICE IS NOT IMPOSING THEIR VALUES ONTO HIM! He can say yes to the Federation helping his soldiers reintegrate back into society, or not. The choice is his, and since Picard is already too happy to leave them to their fates, I'm sure he wouldn't impose the peaceful solution if the Prime Minister said no.

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(See: Enterprise, "Cogenitor")
I would consider that a fair point, but than I remembered it's from Enterprise, a show where the main character decided it was best to allow an entire alien civilization to die than out than continue to live a peaceful co-existance with another species (See: Enterprise, "Dear Doctor"). When your characters get praise for dictating that the fate of an entire race should be to just die out, yet they reprimand their officers for educating someone else about individuality and self-awareness to their own worth, their moral compass is way off in the deep end.
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