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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

That seems like taking it a bit too far. In any event, what IS a system QB? Short of some retarded robot that just listens in the earpiece and executes the play called in, in pretty much every instance the QB IS the system. And Brady was making the THROWS just fine, so whatever was going on was working fine. When you hit the WR in the hands, and they don't catch it, what is it you're trying to hold against the QB? What's the 'further proof' of a "system QB" you're talking about? Seems like a dumb claim, but curious as to your thinking...

And as far as 'talent around him', you'd have a tough time making that argument, outside maybe 2007 (where they busted just about every record and looked like they were playing in GodMode most of the time). Peyton, you could TRY and make that argument back in the day, when he had Harrison and Wayne grabbing anything that left Manning's hand. And I'm not making that argument, just pointing out Brady wasn't surrounded by all-pros.

Who are these super-talented players Brady has been surrounded with? Welker and Moss at one point, Gronk recently, but how about when they were winning? Do Branch and Givens really count as the superstar WRs you want to hang your hat on? Good, but come on. Corey Dillon was pretty good in 2004, but Brady's never really had the RB stud, either. In 2006, they almost went all the way with NO ONE on offense. I think I was like 3rd on the WR depth chart that year, and they got one bad drop away from a Superbowl there (caldwell). Or if Faulk gets another 6" on that 4th and 2...

Brady's a HoF first ballot, top 3 or so all time, but he's just lost a little. no shame in that. he's a little more set in his ways, and has more trouble adapting to people not doing things his way. A little bit of a Diva (on field, he's fine off the field) in those situations, and he needs to get over it. Young Brady was a little more flexible, and it seemed to work out ok for him...
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