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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x11 "The Hunted"

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But if you force a solution on someone that they really don't want, then that solution isn't likely too last for long.
Force a solution on someone that they really don't want. Is that not exactly what Picard did? He forced the Prime Minister to deal with something he didn't want by refusing him his assistance and simply leaving.

And where in this sentence "They can either accept the Federation's help at reintegrating their soldiers back into society at no expense, or deal with the situation themselves." There are TWO CHOICES there! That's not a "forced solution". Plus reintegrating their soldiers was a method that their society considered, but was deemed too expensive. Offering to go with a solution that they themselves considered but without the expense.

Also, the comics are non-canon. Even if they were, well, at least Kirk tried. Seeing the potential of something bad happening that no one can predict with certainty shouldn't be the reason why no one should try and help. Otherwise this whole Federation was a mistake to begin with. Also if Kirk didn't interfere in the manner he was presented with, no one in that panel would be alive right now.
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