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Re: What, or rather Who you won't be seeing in November

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So not referencing them is bad, and referencing them is bad? I have a sneaking suspicion it could have been a three hour epic featuring every living Doctor and companion directed by Sam Mendes and people would have still moaned...
3 Hours, Good lord, imagine the padding, it'd be like Classic Who running up and down corridors and captured and escaping every 10 minutes

Who's Sam Mendes? Runs off to Google (Ah, all I've seen of his is American Beauty)
Again, that would be a writing issue, not a problem with the premise, if it was 3 hours running up and down corridors.

Seriously, just implying that it would be padded like that doesn't mean the premise is bad, it just points out the need to avoid lazy, umimaginative writing!

It is possible to write 3 hours of solid entertainment!

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