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Re: What, or rather Who you won't be seeing in November

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Gathering Doctors for anniversaries didn't take long to become a really unimaginative and frankly lazy trope...
Which has nothing to do with the way they're written, of course.
The problem is when you start trying to work to those kinds of choppinhg lists to please small percentage of the viewership just to to fill a very artificial tradition, then you hamper the potential for the writing - just as if you'd said "right, we want 15 minutes for product placement so now you have to do a 45 minutes story in 30." There comes a point where it's not worth the effort.

This increases with every element you try to add- The Three Doctors worked, The Five Doctors scraped through, try putting eight or nine of the buggers in and no...

Oh, sure, you could probably make a Nine Doctors work if you had, like, three 90 minute episodes a la Sherlock to run it over. But they don't.

Then you've the practical issues of several of the actors looking way different than they did at the time.

And of course it's a totally false tradition anyway- It was an experiment first time round, second time round it was done just because it had been done before, and the others have been in media that don't have too many problems with the state of the actors...

And it is still happening, albeit with only one real and one fake Doctor. (And would have been two real Doctors if Eccleston had said yes.)
Which doesn't make it any better an idea. But if the multi-Doctor fans are going to say "well that means it's happening anywa", then why complain that it isn't?

And I suspect we will end up with aural contributions from at least some of the older Doctors. Which is even more insulting since it says they're good for voicing animated paintings but not for actually appearing.
That's practicality for you.
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