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Re: Is 'Woman In Cafeteria' Janice Rand, or not?

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I never noticed the misnaming in the credits and just always assumed it was Rand. Could it be a case of not wanting to pay royalties like with Lacarno/Paris?

No royalties are owed to a writer for this character, since Rand dates back to the Writers' Bible of TOS. The royalty rule is more for a one-off guest character in an episode written by an outside writer, who gets turned into a recurring character in other writers' scripts, ie. T'Pau, Locarno, etc.

And it's not a "misnaming". It is a cameo and a kind of in-joke. As I said, the script itself doesn't specify that it's Rand. Not listing the character's name is part of the in-joke. It was a directorial choice to use GLW as Rand. The scriptwriter had no idea the director would add an existing TOS character to the scene. He could have used an extra, but he used GLW.

Some cameos in movies go uncredited, even though the actor has lines eg. Whoopi Goldberg in "Generations" and "Nemesis", and Noel Neill and Kirk Allyn as Lois Lane's parents in "Superman: The Movie" (dialogue restored for TV premiere).
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