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Re: And now The Newsroom....

Eh... not a great episode. Mixing the election coverage in with the Genoa story just muddies both. They mixed a fake story in with a real story, which makes the fake story feel less meaningful, and they made the real story less entertaining than it actually was. The episode just didn't work for me.

SLOAN: Yeah, but this [book crap] is important.
No it's not.

CHARLIE: Our elections are the envy of the world.
American elections make for entertaining political theatre, but I certainly wouldn't want anything of the sort in my country.

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Also: Dollars to donuts the season finale will be about or include in some way the mass killings at Sandy Hook.
Well, the season finale is called Election Night, Part 2... so I doubt it.

Oh, and I stumbled across this: Why The Newsroom isn't the greatest show on television. It spends a little too long talking about ratings figures, and I think Olivia Munn has actually been one of the better actors on the show, but I otherwise agree with it.
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