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Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

Yeah he does seem to be everywhere at once doesn't it? And yeah it didn't help that I rewatched the last half of Season 4 of Enterprise, Star Trek Into Darkness and Dark Knight Returns animated movie lol. What can you say? The man has a good dark voice and menacing presence.

And I totally think this season will be one of those that I think will be as dividing as the 3rd season when they went to Ireland for half of it and people were complaining about it. But I have to agree with Sutter in his E Magazine interview about the premiere, basically none of the Sons have ever really given much thought over what happens to the guns they sell. And the damning thing is, it wasn't even a gun they personally sold to someone that used it like that. The kid somehow got his hands on it. So yeah that's something they really never touched on, 'sure we can sell you these automatics...'

I do think though that it brings up a subject that never was addressed on the show or any show like it really. So I'm curious to see the path it takes.

Although what I do find shocking is Tara's fight at the end - that really took me by surprise, sure I know she's an ass kicker when she has to be, but if she wanted to get out quicker, she should know you don't frickin' fight and it's clear she doesn't have the protection of anyone inside there, like the Sons did when they were in prison. I AM glad that she's not going to be staying inside too long.

As for Jax's 'cheating' I think I'd be willing to give him a slight pass on it, with the way things were with Tara even before she got put away, the honeymoon was most certainly over. I think Jax needs Tara more than Tara needs Jax. And I don't think it was super shocking given that he's done it before when things get bad. Plus it didn't hurt that while she was a bit more 'mature' he needed the comforting and someone to care about him a bit. Since clearly he wasn't getting that nurturing from Gemma or Tara and with Bobby splittin' and all the other stress going on and no one to really go to, I wasn't entirely shocked that he wound up ass naked again with another woman. At least he didn't go back to that slut Ima or whatever her name is - 'the Gash' as I think is her new official name. So at least he went more high class this time. BUT I can see even if they don't really have him doing anything else with her of a sexual nature, I can see her being a sort of side confidant. Sort of a 'safe' third party he can vent to when things get bad. His 'Unser' so to speak. Like how Clay would sort of confide in and use Unser in a similar way - of course she's got the benefit of being far more attractive to look at Plus - with losing Opie last season (Nice to see the new 'In Memory of OPIE' patch on his kutte - was a nice touch. I don't think I've ever seen a memorial patch for anyone on their kutte in this show) he did lose his best friend. Sure Chibbs is close to him, but I really think he always wanted Opie to be his VP. I think that was something that was always in his mind ever since they were kids. Jax would take over as Prez and Opie would be his VP. I'm almost a little surprised last season that Jax didn't drop his old VP patch in his coffin like 'you'll always be my VP'

I was also rather pleased to see Jax not getting all 'you are not dating my mother' and almost accepting that she's got a new man in her life and that man happens to be a pretty decent business partner. I know it sort of started last season, but this was really the first post-no cartel episode where they aren't gun runners, they aren't drug mules, they're bikers that run a porn studio and escort service. And I did wonder how that would work - I mean part of the 'charm' of the show was the whole 'outlaw' nature of the MC. So watchin' em beat down the "Persian assholes' was proof that just because they've gone sorta legit doesn't mean they aren't going to kick ass when they need to.

I do think, though, that by the end of this season, we're going to see Samcro either entirely split up and the Seventh will basically be about closure and seeing the characters meet their final fates. I do hope that in some way Jax, Tara and the boys ride out of Charming together and start a life that doesn't involve the MC in anyway. But I'm pretty sure Jax is going to die by the end, possibly even Tara. Gemma we'll see.. but then again Sutter is all about not doing what you expect. You expect so and so to die, but then at the last minute it's someone else.

So this is my prediction - Gemma will die in Season 7. Tara and Jax will have another rocky patch, but maybe at the end of Season 6 they realize the only "club" that matters is their family. And Jax makes his plans for his final exit - or towards the end of the season he's an active part of the fall of Samcro. Like 'the club has gotten too sick to survive. It's not the club I loved, I've done things I shouldn't have done, gone down paths I never should have walked, and its made me turn into the very things I thought I hated. Is this the legacy I want my sons to grow up with?' And I do see the shooting as a wakeup call to him. Maybe he wonders - would one of my kids do that someday with one of my guns? Will one of my kids go down the path I did? Honorable at first but turn into the same killer I turned into? It's one thing when they kill someone, totally another when an 'innocent' does it.

So yeah this is going to be a wild ride of a season - I thought season 5 was wild, but this... yeah we're going to be really getting into some heady shit this year.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this season will shape up
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