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Re: What, or rather Who you won't be seeing in November

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I'm going to voice an unpopular opinion here.

I simply don't care that the pre-2006 Doctors are not part of the anniversary special. I don't know who decided not to involve them, but it doesn't matter; whoever made the decision had their reasons. Still, we don't need a parade of actors who once essayed the role to make a special that celebrates a half-century of Doctor Who.
Like I always said, William Russell is the only person I'd think it was important to have in.
I agree, it would be nice for him to appear. And, there are indications that it might just happen. However, I don't think he's more important than having the classic Doctors appear.

Mr Awe
He would be because he's one of the original four - and the one who still acts, at that.

Gathering Doctors for anniversaries didn't take long to become a really unimaginative and frankly lazy trope - i.e. it worked once - quite apart from the practicalities involved...
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