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Re: Trek-related Euphemisms

CorporalCaptain wrote: View Post
I've also gotten a little mileage out of "We reach."
Me, too. In fact, I use it enough in conversations online that I had honestly kind of forgotten that it originated in Trek!
B.J. wrote: View Post
Many people say "Thank you, Captain Obvious!" sarcastically at someone for stating the obvious, but my wife and I use "Thank you, Deanna Troi!"
I like this. As a side note, my son was recently stating the obvious so much one day (on purpose, before it was over with) that the rest of my family jokingly promoted him to Commodore Obvious.
1001001 wrote: View Post
At my last job, there was an elevator, and when I would get into it, I would always say "Main Bridge!"
I have been known to say "Le-le-level" in a pseudo-computer voice, like the malfunctioning computer at the beginning of ST:V, when stepping onto an elevator - and also to call for some specific ship deck while pressing floor buttons. But generally only in geek-friendly environments like conventions or gamedays, or when alone with friends and family.
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