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Re: Re-writing the climax of STiD

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I never found the plummeting ships scene very interesting. Just didn't excite me. By the same token, in 09, once Nero is destroyed, there is a bit more tacked on where the Enterprise has to escape the black hole. While the cracks in the bridge and view screen look great on screen, I just felt like this is all extra, and that the action/ plot elements had already peaked prior to this moment. In STiD this "extra" action takes a looong time to play out, despite the guts of the story having been previously resolved.

By comparison, I think (even with it's flaws) First Contact is one of the best-paced blockbuster-style films I've ever seen. They are constantly moving the story forward. And guess what? Both the A and B story climax at exactly the same time, and there isn't an "extra action denouement just for the sake of it. The Borg Queen dies at the same time the first warp flight happens. It's great stuff.

Endings to action movies are tricky, and this kind of thing happens a lot. Lethal Weapon is a fantastic movie, but the fight scene at the end in the rain between Riggs and Mr. Joshua is superfluous, but we had to see these two guys have it out because of their rivalry. I wish they made this fight necessary to the story. And what makes it worse is that Donner can't really stage an easy-to-follow fight in the dark when it's raining.

I just felt that the "plunging ships into the atmosphere wasn't very interesting." Then again, although I can see why they did it, and (one some level I can appreciate the purpose of the Kirk/ Spock role reversal) I just didn't like them quoting from a better film. Plus, the technical aspects are a bit unclear. In TWOK, Spock was repairing the warp engines so the ship could go to warp! In STiD, Kirk was repairing to warp core sop... the ship could activate shields and ignite a shit-ton of stupid little rockets located all over the hull? T
OK,you have established that you are in the minority of people who still limits themselves to mid-90's TV episodic story progression.

The pacing, the action scenes and effects in ST09 and ID works very well, and its right up there with it's MODERN peers which is the standard for today's global audience.
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