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Re: Did TNG's Early Scope Shrink?

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Absolutely. Also the TOS crew didn't have 'direct' communication with Starfleet command, and on several occasions part of the drama is that it could take days for Kirk's communiques to get to them and a further few days for a response to make its way back to the Enterprise, in which time Kirk still needs to deal with the problem at hand.
For some reason, it seemed that whenever they were out of direct contact with Starfleet, the response time was always three weeks. Well, not constantly, but a figure of three weeks or more was specifically cited in "Return to Tomorrow," "The Enterprise Incident," and even TAS: "The Time Trap."

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TNG wasn't trying to be TOS. They were set during two different eras of the Federation.

In TOS, space was still quite unexplored and they were alone very often.

In TNG, the Federation has grown in considerable size and it had become more about keeping the peace.
Well, yes, that's the whole point -- that TNG wasn't like TOS because it was in a more civilized era. That's why the producers of the later shows wanted to do something that was more like TOS again -- first with VGR, isolating the ship on the other end of the galaxy, then with ENT, going back to the beginning where Archer's crew were completely on their own with no possibility of calling in backup. They wanted to recapture the frontier flavor that they felt TNG had lost. (Although, as discussed, this ran up against UPN's desire to make the shows as TNG-like as possible.)

And here we come back around to the initial topic of the thread, because TNG itself was originally meant to be way out on the uncharted frontier and rarely returning to explored space, but that idea was abandoned almost as soon as the pilot was over, and it instead ended up being defined by its portrait of a tamed, settled civilization where the frontier had once been.
Couldn't have put it better myself. Now I see why you are the writer.
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