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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

At some point, some of this has to be on Brady, though. Yeah, he's got rookies out there that look a little over their heads so far. Instead of expecting them to be perfect, though, he's gotta eventually realize they are a work n progress, and help simplify things for them a little. May not be what he's used to, but he can't do the Sink or Swim approach when there's no one behind them on the chart. Gotta suck it up and help bring them along.

They HAVE talent/promise, the game's just still moving too fast for them. With time, not worried. They were getting separation, had decent routes, just weren't turning their heads fast enough, or securing the ball before trying to move/anticipate hit, gotta have better field awareness when going for the sideline catch, etc. All fixable, and they WILL get better, but Brady has to chill out and help a little, or give them some easier stuff to work with for a while so they can develop.
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