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Re: I have an idea for the next Star Trek movie.

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Sounds like a good idea but I don't see it working. A lot of the actors are older now and it's just a bit too far-reaching to have them make another movie.

Most importantly, I can't imagine the fallout of such a movie. TNG fans would not be happy of the intermixing of the two universes, especially if they updated TNG to have the same aesthetics as the reboot universe.
There are fans that insist that Spock Prime isn't the same Spock we've seen from "The Cage" through to "Unification" but some other old Spock from a random parallel future. I can already see the posts: Picard didn't reference "The Inner Light", so it can't be him! Sisko never once mentioned the Breen! He's a faaaaaaake! Janeway's chair is upholstered wrongly! LCARS graphics don't animate like that, OMG they don't know anything about Star Trek!
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